Trapwords Czech Game Edition

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Your task seems simple. You are given a word, and you need your teammates to guess it. But the other team has already seen your word, and they have made a list of "trapwords" that you can't say. You don't know what's on their list. And there's a time limit. Go!

Trapwords is a fun and fast-paced party game for two teams, who simultaneously prepare their lists of trapwords. The simple task of giving clues for your word is made fiendishly difficult by not knowing which words you can't say. If you succeed, you advance to higher levels with more trapwords and additional challenges. Includes a set of regular words as well as a set with a fantasy theme.

Players: 4–8+
Age: 8+
Time: 30 min
Theme: a dungeon crawl with traps, curses, and a monster
Mechanics: clue-giving, thinking up trapwords to block opponents' clues, out-thinking opponents to avoid their trapword