Want to Know About Team UF?

UF began in 2014 in Geneseo, IL. It's a tiny little shop with a whole lot of heart. We have everything you need for yourself or for a gift. Our top notch team can help you find what you need, even if you're not sure what it is. We strive for excellent customer service, always. 

Shopping at UF isn't about the merchandise. It's about the feeling. We love nothing more than when you come in to chat with us. Bring in your coffee, leave your wallet outside. We don't care. We want to know YOU. If you find this hard to believe, well, just ask anyone that lives in Geneseo.

I've been so hesitant about starting an online store because online is...online. How can we chat with you via a computer? How will we know how you're doing? Or if you need a hug? How will you understand the FEELING inside our stores? Online shopping bothers me because I don't want to lose our conversations. However, we have gained so many customers that don't have the privilege of living in this gorgeous town to see us regularly, and we wanted them to be able to have a bit of UF as well.

If you're looking for stores that offer the best. And if you want an experience and don't want to be just another customer. You must come see us. 

Our team loves our stores. And it shows.

We can't wait to see you!

Xoxo, Missy 💜💚