Want to Join Team UF?

When I first opened UF, one of the nicest customers, whom has since become a wonderful friend, told me that I was like a little firecracker. That I just had this little spark.

Right before we opened our third store, she gave me a hug and said to me, “You’re no longer a firecracker. Now you’re like a whole damn box of fireworks!”

I don’t forget things like this. Her words are encouraging and empowering.

Our stores do their best to bring new and exciting products. We work hard to give you the best in customer service. We strive for excellence. We continue to grow and gain momentum.

If you’re looking for something new. If you have the desire to make a difference. If you feel like something is missing.

And if you don’t want to wake up every day because where you work is “just a job," then Team UF may be just the right fit!

Do you have a spark? A glint? A glimmer? If so, join us!

We won’t train you to be one little firecracker.

We’ll help you become the whole damn box.

Xoxo, Missy 💜💚

Must be 18. Must have weekend availability.

Please submit your resume to: sales@theufbrand.com