The Captured Harvest Bar Soap

$ 7.99

The Captured Harvest signature soap recipe has the primary ingredient of whole, locally obtained goat milk.   Goat milk contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids that naturally break down dead skin cells which enables the moisturizing oils and milk in our soaps to penetrate  deeper layers of the skin so that they can be more effective at combating dry skin and improve skin’s overall texture and appearance.  Yes, you can exfoliate without using harsh chemicals found in almost all bar soaps found on your market shelf.

Goat’s milk also contains fat molecules in its cream to help boost moisture in your skin along with many vitamins and minerals that are known for their beneficial properties.

All of our soaps contain the highest quality, all natural oils.  Our original line is scented with pure essential oils each one known for their unique benefits.  We absolutely love our essential oils and have recently expanded in using some body safe fragrance oils in our seasonal soaps as our customer base has requested.  Our soaps are hand-crafted in small batches, hand-cut and then cured for a minimum of 10 weeks before being cleaned and wrapped for purchase.