• Inis Revitalizing Body Lotion

Inis Revitalizing Body Lotion

$ 32.99

Redefine beauty and care with the Revitalizing Body Lotion Pump Bottle from Fragrances of Ireland. Made from high quality seaweed extracts and sea minerals, this body lotion makes skin care simple and easy. With its nourishing ingredients butter, glycerin and argan oil, this beauty product is the best way to nourish your skin.

The ocean is a place of wonder and magic. Its energy is the inspiration for Inis the Energy of the Sea. Since 2001, Inis has been the core funder of the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group - dedicated to the protection, conservation and better understanding of dolphins and whales in Irish waters and around the world. Their work helps ensure that the seas of the world will continue to be a source of delight and joy for generations to come.

16.9 ounces