Inside Out

We've all got what it takes. 

I mean, can you possibly understand all the gifts you were given? I'll be 41 soon, and I don't even think I've found all of mine. I might be really great at speaking Mandarin, and I don't even know it! There are so many good things inside that are patiently waiting for me to discover. 

One thing that I'm great at...I'm an observer.  A good one. I notice even the smallest detail. I love it. I probably should have been a scientist in a lab, just observing interactions of fruit flies or something just as important. 

But instead, I'm in retail. And I swear that this career lets me observe so much more than fruit flies. I get to see you guys. I get to watch amazing interactions between friends. Moms and daughters. Dads and daughters. Dads and sons (generally on a Mom's birthday, and I LOVE this interaction). I get to see engaged couples holding hands and choosing home decor. I get to chat with husbands and wives that have been married for 50 years and they're simply out for a stroll.

I'm humbled that I get to witness so much inside a few simple stores. 

I also observe a lot outside of work.

Basic life interactions. I observe it all. I see it all. I see it in real life and I see it on social media. 

I LOVE the real life. 

No, not the "I'm a mess and this is my real life, but filtered so it looks like it's not filtered" life. I love the REAL life. 

There's a LOT of awesome social media. Someday, I hope to be a part of it. There's a lot of great articles. And real news. And real, uplifting and incredible stories. And real people. Doing real things. 

And then, there's this huge section of sheep, just trying their hardest to emulate what they see. I just don't understand this. Why try so hard to copy someone, when you have everything it takes to be the best version of YOU? I mean, you could be SO MUCH BETTER than what you're working so hard to imitate! 

I will never understand this. I could live to be 900 and I won't be able to understand it. Copying, in it's simplest state, is not a form of flattery. Copying is being afraid of the work. Afraid of making a mistake. Afraid of letting out what is deep down inside your soul. 

The world doesn't need a carbon copy. The world needs YOU. The REAL YOU. 

We all have what it takes. It's all there! The complete package! Right inside of us! How did we get so lucky to have it ALL?! 

However, not all of us have the courage to let the inside, out. 

Find the courage. You may not know it, but it's in there somewhere. Maybe it's just a tiny little seed right now that's dying of thirst.

Please water it. 

And then, watch yourself, your ideas, your self worth and your confidence....GROW. 

Xoxo, Missy 

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