Brushies Board Book and Puppet Toothbrush Gift Set

  • $ 9.99
  • $ 19.99

You guys know how I feel about tooth brushing 

I’m the meanest. I check my kids after they brush and make them do it again if their teeth aren’t sparkly enough. I want them shining like diamonds. 💎

I was super excited about getting these new Brushies for the Duckling, and they arrived today!

Made by a dentist that wanted her kids to have clean teeth (imagine that) but know how it can be frustrating to get your kids to want to brush!

1 month to 4 years
BPA and Phthalate free
Food grade silicon
Dishwasher safe!
Made in the US of A!

Book and puppet brush set! 🎉

Choose from:
Chomps the Dino (green) 💚
Willa the Whale (blue) 💙
Pinkey the Pig (pink)💕
Mono the Monkey (Orange) 🧡