Barr-Co. Lip Balms

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Soothe And Protect Your Lips With Barr-Co.'s Wonderfully Flavored Lip Balms. Formulated With High Quality Ingredients Including Beeswax And Vitamin E, Leaving Your Lips Feeling Naturally Soft. SPF 15

WEIGHT: .5 oz. / 14.1 g

Sugar & CreamA romantic blend of sweet cream, coconut and sugar scents.

CoconutFresh sea air combined with creamy coconut and tropical flowers, finished with warm musk to create this soothing fragrance.

Honey MintThis scent seamlessly blends herbaceous notes with the essence of mint, tea and honey.

ReserveScented with nicotiana, patchouli, cedar and oak oils, this earthy fragrance is great for men or women.

WisteriaHeady floral wisteria and green top notes blend seamlessly with creamy undertones for a clean fragrance reminiscent of a warm spring day.

BerryThe sweet bright notes of fresh berries collide with spiced cedarwood and light hints of smooth vanilla.

OriginalDreamy smooth, this blend of milk, oatmeal, vanilla and vetiver is a tranquil, comforting scent with stirring, yet sweet seductive notes that are controlled by their classic, romantic and powdery virtue.

Spanish LimeThis vibrant lime fragrance is crisp, bright and very refreshing.

Blood Orange AmberA blend of essential orange and amber oils creates a deliciously sweet and earthy fragrance.

MarineThis clean scent is reminiscent of fresh sea air, morning mist and beach grass.

HoneysuckleA heady floral fragrance dosed with the sweet scent of honeysuckle nectar and herbaceous greens.

Lemon VerbenaThis crisp, clean fragrance is a cheerful, citrus scent with herbaceous notes.

Fir & Grapefruit collection is a fragrant combination of woodsy fir and invigorating grapefruit oils.

Grapefruit: Citrusy grapefruit notes blend with hibiscus and jasmine, grounded with cedarwood and musk.

Saddle: A complex infusion of amber with sandalwood and musk, blended with patchouli and eucalyptus essential oils.